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Are you sleep deprived?

Updated: Jun 20, 2020

Ever feel like you don't get enough sleep? Do you nap when on a break?

How much sleep does the body need? The time does vary on how much sleep we need but most healthy adults should ideally be getting 7-9hrs a night. If you average just 4hrs a night you are more likely to have a lowered immune system, leading to colds as well as other physical health conditions like heart disease and diabetes. So grabbing 2hrs of shut eye during the day will help your brain and body recharge. Make the most of your break, perhaps drop off to sleep listening to music or meditation, don't be tempted to sit on your bed and surf the web or get hooked on social media.

Heard of the spoon test?

It maybe that you read this but think... I don't have time for this. I too remember thinking the same until I tried it.

Lie down in a dark room, holding a spoon (any size will do) in one hand with your arm hanging off the edge of the bed. Place a metal tray or similar on the floor under your hand.

Then, make a brief note of the time and try and drop off to sleep. When you drift off to sleep the spoon will drop and wake you, at this point check the time. If you fall asleep in 5 mins you are indeed sleep deprived, whilst 10mins shows you might need a good nights sleep and 15 mins or more means you are doing ok.

Give it a try sometime, it maybe that you aren't that tired and perhaps a change in diet or more water throughout the day maybe a simple factor that can make a lot of difference to your energy levels.

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