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Do you know where to go to buy luxury items?

Who are Glancy Fawcett and what do they do?

Glancy Fawcett supply the finest products to luxury Super Yachts, Houses and private jets.

Recently I was lucky enough to be invited by Tom of GF to a zoom call. This is one of many ‘virtual tours’ that they do for clients all around the world. Due to Covid-19 this is fast becoming a new and effective way to conduct business, they have I am pleased to hear become ground-breaking.

The new showroom was finished just before the start of lockdown meaning they are now ahead of the game with a large space that can safely and securely offer visits to the showroom, this is really important for them seeing as though in the past years the number clients (who may arrive by private jet or helicopter!!) has gone up by more than 10 times the amount.

I was joined by a few of their 47 staff, Emma Limebear (head of marketing) Tom (Thomas Batty), Lauren and Jess, who helped hold the camera whilst Tom took me around their recently refurbished showroom, expanding their space to a whopping 11,000 square feet.

The staff consists of many teams from logistics to projects to sales and technical.

They offer branded and bespoke items; we started in the area where they have an astonishing 2800 plates. Whilst this can seem overwhelming and startling at first, GF advise the client to just pick out what you don’t like, this seems to make perfect sense to me.

They very much cater for the clients needs, at times this can be as quick as choosing a plate in 20mins or 2 hrs. for a napkin ring. GF give the clients their undivided attention and time, this is clear.

It does become important to play with samples and this is why the space at the showroom is so important for this aspect.

Every brand that you want to have they have and do not work on commission. They understand that some brands products can be better than other items.

They go to all the factories of the brands and learn the capabilities of each product, not buying it just because of the brand. Understanding the elements of the companies and put forward their strengths. The choice is yours at the end of the day, however there is much help with sound impartial advice with efficiency.

We went onto look at drawers and drawers of napkin rings, and table linen of which samples can be sent out.

GF have found that the approach to dining has become more casual and informal over time but this doesn’t mean to say that quality isn’t still taken into account, its more about practicality.

They house their own embroidery machine, this means that they can make orders more efficiently and people can see their logos whilst in the showroom.

The area of cashmere items was somewhere I could have spent lots of time, it is a crucial place that needs lots of hands on touching for choice.

They also in recent years have started to produce and sell cushions, they have a great relationship with many fabric houses and due to this they really know the quality of the fabrics, more confirmation of what is unique about GF and their attention to detail.

They have a bed in the showroom allowing them to make up with bed using exactly what the clients would use, therefore leaving no room for error when ordering. How will the flat sheet look? Is it oxford pillowcases? Does the bed need a runner at the foot of it? All-important factors to look at the whole picture when one set of bed linen could cost you as much as £25,000. Therefore its essential that samples are sent out with embroidered thread count so clients can see and feel the difference, these mirror what is in the showroom and GF can touch and feel this at the same time, making a virtual call like being there in person.

This list is endless of what they supply, robes, slippers, leather goods, towels for outside with UV protection (by the way they are the only place in Manchester with a teak deck!!). They do a huge amount of testing nearby and in the top 10 list of the most absorbent towels their own was in the top 3.

GF are all about giving the right advice to crew and clients. Is asked them this:

What advice can you give to a Stewardess on a yacht on making decisions regarding purchasing? We’d advise, whoever you pick, to ensure you use a Company with high service levels, knowledge and experience to save you and your principle valuable time and money

Take your time (if you can) and learn more about the items you're purchasing, considering the practicalities of each. Our team work with Stewardesses to help strike a balance between having desirable items on board for the owner but also have practical items that can be cleaned and handled, fitting with the client's lifestyle

In our time we have gained a wealth of knowledge and will offer tips and advice along the project process to help Stewardesses make informed choices, as we completely understand the levels of responsibility when choosing products for an owner. Things like understanding thread count, how to care for the items, and practical steps like how to measure beds for custom linens. Finally, we'll share suggestions on how to save space onboard, but still gain the desired luxury effect when dining, for example

If possible, we'll always advise a trip to Glancy Fawcett because we can show how everything fits together, while offering some true Mancunian hospitality, of course!

In the logistics team there are 8 people who perform quality control, they check everything and measure it, before it is sent to the client, this is a unique advantage of this company and there is no extra charge for that.

They do also have a crew section for perhaps more sensibly price items for daily use. Meaning items can be purchased from say the build stage and replenished when necessary.

Glacey Fawcett has been around for many years, the emphasis in recent years is focused on project based business rather than replacing a side plate or a towel.

We came lastly to ‘The Vault’-this is an aspirational space dedicated for limited edition items, there is something for everyone in their and even virtually entering the space seemed very special, like I was in for a real treat.

They have humidors and jewellery boxes that are bespoke, working with a local artisan, whilst maintaining that the quality never falters.

Clients are fascinated by the way items are made for example, Emma enthusiastically told me how its takes 15 yrs. to learn how to blow glass and 5 yrs. to learn how to cut glass and how in the making a plate its probably passed through 40 hands before its put in front of you. All the staff take part in product training which they believe is fundamental. They kindly said I could attend the next one they go on, as they said, its not a secret, it should be shared.

They do well in managing the expectations of clients, it could take 8weeks to get a product, “our average turnaround would be around 12 weeks for a full project, but it always varies and could be anything from 4-18 weeks dependent on the client's needs. Everything that arrives at the client's super yacht, home or aircraft has been to our Manchester HQ. We include a complimentary service in which our Logistics Team carry out quality control checks on every single item in the order, making sure everything that arrives is exceptional. We can, of course, turn around smaller projects, items and luxury gifts much quicker.”

I asked them: Do you worry about your beautiful products being in the wrong hands? For example a Principal purchases but you are unsure if their staff have the knowledge to treat with care? How do you ensure this doesn't happen?

• We don't, because we're pleased and are privileged to have worked with some of the most knowledgeable people in the industry and are constantly impressed by the skills of the staff we work with. We will always provide care instructions for each product also, for those that are unsure, and are only a phone call away

• We hope that this helps the staff and crew feel more at ease because we appreciate it can be daunting caring for luxury items. We are always available to help once the project has been finalized and will give practical advice, so every product supplied is suited for that specific area and use.

They are the end of the phone should you need help and advice, everyone I have dealt with there cant do enough to help.

As a trainer for Interior crew of super yachts this company is one I rave about,they have worked with 500+ yachts in their time.

I tell all my students to learn what the materials are that you are dealing with, be curious of course but don’t be tempted by trying to wash the Hermes cushions in the machine, ask the experts, people want to help. Dealing with the fabrics and tableware can be daunting at first but it should be that knowledge is valuable and vital, the more you ask the more you learn.

Protect the investments people have made

I have and shall continue to support GF and cant wait to visit the showroom in person.

Take the time to look online at their website.

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