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Student or Stewardess

Updated: Jun 10, 2020

Why it could be time to make the move to yachting this year.

Whilst Covid-19 has affected most of the world and many industries it is safe to say that yachting continues and destinations are opening up to Yachts again.

Many crew have been laid off due to the yachts not being used, owners are making necessary cutbacks temporarily.

However is this the time to join the yachting industry? Well, yes I think it could be. It maybe that you were planning on going to university, whilst places are still open and studying will commence, the vibe and all over feel to being a student maybe put on hold for a while.

So, why not take this opportunity for a year out from studying and jump into the world of yachting, why wouldn't you want to get paid rather well whilst seeing the world and make life long friends?Who nows where this path might lead you. I took this route many years ago (whilst lucky enough not to have the reason on Covid-19, instead I was told to find a job ASAP by my father). All you need for the basics is a STCW certificate and an ENG1 medical and make some connections to the yachting industry. Who knows, if travel restrictions are eased soon you could find yourself on your way to the Caribbean.

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