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Storing wine on a Super Yacht

Have you ever been given the task to store extremely old and valuable wine on board a boat?

Many interior crew on yachts are faced with this all the time. Of course owners and guests want to to enjoy the finest wines and where better than floating off the coast on a hot summers day, whilst waited on hand and foot.

However, long term storage of wine on a yacht isn't a great idea. Why? Well, basically boats move, and old wines need to be laid on their side without being disturbed.

I was once given the advice to have the wine stored mid-ships (preferably in a dry bilge area)on the boat, therefore it won't move that much but if the boat pitches then the top section of the wine moves, it splashes the cork, thus keeping it moist.... Good solution short term for 'average wines' but long term, wines are best stored off the boat and brought on board when needed.

If you have a bottle of 'Chateau Lafite' thats been in the pantry cupboard for a maybe time to move it. Remember the temperature is so important, most wine cellars are between 10-15 Degrees C.

Always get expert advice on wine storage and purchasing.

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