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Cultural etiquette

Updated: Jun 20, 2020

How important is cultural etiquette in your in your line of work and what is it?

Well, simply put it means 'a way of life' and that can be within countries, communities, nationalities and religions. The subject is lengthy, fascinating and essential to know how to behave in a certain social situation.

Did you know that in Arab countries out of respect you should refuse tea or coffee when first offered a few times, don't worry you will still get lots of food and drink.

The Chinese consider whistling rude, in Columbia licking your fingers whilst eating is considered the ultimate offence.In Japan, you never pour yourself a drink, you pour for the person next to you. So, how do I know this ? I make it my business to know this. Working in an industry dealing with multi-nationalities daily means it is important to have some insight on what is expected. First impressions count, so having the know-how can lead to a first great impression and a long lasting rapport with people.

So, do your research find out more, ask people, people like to be asked. Some people don't realise what their cultural etiquette is until asked the question.

Incidentally the word 'Etiquette' is said to have come from Louis XIV in Versailles, his gardener put tags (Etiquettes) up to keep people off of the grass. I suppose it was seen as a way of behaving, knowing you shouldn't be walking on the pristine grass!!Share your cultural etiquette knowledge. Always learning......

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