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The History of the Stewardess Epaulettes

Ever wondered why the stewardesses get the moon shape (gold and silver) epaulettes symbol from?

The knife and fork for the chef..... that kind of makes sense, the propeller for the engineers....obvious choice and for the Captain and deck crew... the anchor.... fairly straight forward.

Epaulette itself is something that ornaments or protects the shoulder used as insignia of rank, the higher the ranking the more stripes.

I am sure that many crew onboard have had the conversation about what they think the symbol should be: wine glass and bottle/an iron/cleaning symbol/toilet brush/ even the knife and fork would make more sense. Any extra ideas always welcome:)

So let's solve the mystery.....

Looking back, this moon shape came from an association of military food and supplies when in Napoleon times there was introduction of crescent shaped bread into the rations for the Grand Armee: the crescent itself was said to be inspired by the defeat of ottoman turks at the battle of Vienna. The military adopted this shape & its a symbol that is of food ration and supplies

As this uniform is for the benefit of the guests, adding a little knowledge and history behind this can only be a good thing as a crew member.

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